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Rounds April Roundup

25th April 2019

Hello friends. Hopefully you are enjoying the sunshine and are stuffed to the gills with the finest chocolate courtesy of the Easter Bunny.

April is the start or the final season of Game of Thrones. Surely, we are all House Stark by now? However, in-store conversations are getting pretty heated about which way it will go; considering George R. R. Martin’s penchant for twists.

In honour of the final season we have a fabulous selection of Licenced Merchandise available in Rounds to buy and order. You can keep your own scandalous diary or swig mead from a King’s Tankard!

2019 has seen some amazing weather coincide with the Easter Holidays. Perfect conditions for getting away, shopping, home improvements, going out and having a good time. Rounds see a lot of new customers around Easter. People exploring how to raise some extra cash.

To Pawn or not to Pawn…

My mom is quite rightly proud of Rounds, the business my brother Gary and I have built over the last 16 years. As a result she always shares our stock photographs and blog posts on her Facebook Page.

A friend of Mom’s recently contacted her and whispered concerns that Mom’s Facebook page had been ‘hacked’ as there was a lot of posts about ‘Pawnbroking’ popping up. Kudos for the concern but I find it a shame that in 2019 some people still have Dickensian views of the Pawnbroking Industry. Mainly because they don’t understand how it works and just how regulated it is.

The very fact that Pawnbrokers still exist in today’s economy and have modernised into a regulated industry is testament to the versatility and competitiveness of a Pawnbroking Loan.

Fortunately, folks are beginning to realise that Pawnbrokers are not the expensive, last resorts of the desperate and needy but an in-expensive and easy way to use your valuables to get the cash you need.

I’ve Never done this Before

We hear this a lot. The reality is new customers are amazed at just how easy and un-complicated the pawn process is and use us time and again.

Pawnbrokers have a duty of care to get to know their customers and one of our core principles is Treating Customers Fairly.

You will not receive an anonymous, form filling service but an open, friendly and honest transaction. There is always a shop to go to and a real person to talk to.

How does Pawnbroking work?

You need to come into Rounds.

You must be present to apply for a Pawn Loan. We must be sure you are who you say you are and,

you are the legal owner of the items you wish borrow against.

You will need some ID.

We need to safeguard against fraud and financial crimes just like any High Street bank would so our customers and Rounds are not put at risk. Check out what you need here.

You will need Something Valuable to Secure the loan.

This is typically gold jewellery or other precious metal and you can pawn one item or many.

There is no fee for entering into a Pawnbroking loan with Rounds.

Rounds also has a duty if care to not over lend to you, the result being you cannot afford to get your item back or manage the interest on the loan; another good reason that the transaction is carried out face to face. We can help you understand what you can afford.

Your loan is secured by the item you have pawned, this means we don’t need to carry out a credit check to give you the loan, therefore Pawning does not affect your credit score.

No Fees

No Credit Checks

We don’t need to see proof of income nor your bank statement. The repayments are flexible making it easy for you to manage the loan.

How Long do I have To Re Pay the Loan?

You have 6 months to repay what we loan you plus any interest. Before you sign anything, we will make clear to you how much the interest will be if you use the entire 6 months and we will make sure this is manageable for you. However:

If you repay early you will pay less interest.

There are no fees for repaying any amount at any time meaning repayments are truly flexible. You can pay what you owe in one go, at any time before the 6 months and get your items back. If it suits you better, you can come in every day/week/month and pay a little at a time and your good will be returned to you when you have paid what you owe.

Once you have repaid your loan you are free to use your items to carry out another Pawn. Your valuables are a constant resource that you can loan against, again and again.

Come in and see us.

We are a physical shop, on a high street, open 6 days a week. We are always here to help. Next time you need some extra cash why not come and check out Pawnbroking, you may be surprised with how cheap and easy it is!

Hope to see you soon.


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