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Job Opportunity

16th January 2020


Have you ever thought about becoming a Pawnbroker? 

Not an obvious choice is it? You may be surprised at what an unusual and interesting job it can be.

We are looking for a new full time, team member in our Erdington store.

If you would like to apply please read the following carefully and follow the instructions below in the How to Apply section.

What will you have to do at work?

You will buy and sell things. Everything – from gold, jewellery, all sorts of electronics, musical instruments and collectables. 

You will buy items that people bring into the shop. Talk to the customer, research items, test everything thoroughly and negotiate a price!

Once you have bought something you will make sure it is clean and safe for sale and display it enticingly on the shelves.

Then you will sell it. Thank the customer and ask for more business.

90% of the job is about people. Talking to; but most importantly – listening. Understanding customers needs and being ready to help them out. 

Sometimes people don’t want to sell their things. That is where you can help with our 28 Day Buyback and Pawnbroking lending service.

There are also the admin duties, always tidying, organising and keeping everything clean.

We can teach you to do the job but it will help if you:

  • are happy dealing with all kinds of people 
  • have experience with customer facing sales
  • are proactive and don’t need someone to keep telling you what to do
  • can communicate well face to face and by telephone
  • are super confident with numbers, percentage and money
  • practical and technically minded
  • have a good eye for detail

It’s an immediate start for the right person and a permanent contract after a 6 month probationary period. 

You will have to work 40 hours per week: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 till 17:30. You will have one day off during the week. You will work every Saturday.

What will you get in return?

You will get a permanent, secure job, in a lovely place with interesting, nice people.

28 Days holiday every year. Plenty of tea, new and interesting challenges.

Our time and effort in teaching you all we know about pretty much everything, from testing gold to testing computers, customer service, sales and negotiating.

We will teach you the fine art of Pawnbroking. You will be required to complete an online course and you will get a qualification in Pawnbroking.

Money:  you will get some. £17,500 minimum, plus pension contributions. More for the right person.

Please note: We are a small team, you will work a lot of the time as one of two. This means we struggle to accomodate ‘unplanned’ absences and during busy times we can’t aways keep to a regular break schedule during the day.

How To Apply

Do you think you have got what it takes?

To apply please write us a nice, honest email telling us all about yourself and why you are our perfect person or send us a video.

Please explain what experience you have and why you would like to work with us. This is your chance to get your foot in the door so be yourself and sell yourself!

Here are some thing we would like to know:

  1. Where are you currently working? How long have you worked there? What are your duties?
  2. Tell us about any other skills ot experience you have that may help you do this job.
  3. Tell us about yourself. What are your core values? What hobbies do you have? How do you spend your time when not at work?
  4. Rounds is a family run business. Tell us about your family.
  5. What is the best thing you have ever done and why?
  6. What do you think you will like about working for Rounds?
  7. Are you over 18
  8. Are you available to work every Saturday?
  9. This isn’t an exhaustive list. You know that you are special but you will have to tell us why you are. Remember: we don’t know you yet!

Please send your applications to:

Sarah Round at roundsonline@gmail.com

Successful applicants will be called for a short interview. If we like you we will invite you to work alongside us for the day so you can really show us who you are and what you can do!

You need to be over 18 to apply.

I look forward to meeting you!

Sarah Round

Go for it!!

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