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28 Day Buyback – Make Life Easier

A simple and quick way to release cash from your goods and be able to buy them back at a later date.

28 day buybacks are a great short-term solution to get you the cash you need now. If you have something of value you can bring it into Rounds and we will make you a fair cash offer based on the items resale value. We then store the item securely for 28 Days until you are ready to repay the money you borrowed plus an administrations fee.

This way you get your cash and you get to keep your item! There are no forms to fill in, no credit checks; it is a simple sell and buy-back transaction.

Here are some top tips for using our 28 day buyback service:

  • Please bring your items in a suitable bag or box for storage and easy transportation when you collect your item. We do provide sealed bags & envelopes for jewellery items.
  • Make sure your goods are clean, working and have any accessories needed to function; i.e. remote controls, cables, etc.
  • It is very difficult to value an item we cannot see working or see the value in something that has not been cleaned or looked after.
  • Manufacturer serial numbers must not be removed or worn. We need these to record and identify the product so please don’t peel them off!
  • We will want to test your item and see that it functions fully when valuing it so please allow a little time for this.

To complete a 28 day buyback transaction you will need:

  • current photo ID such as Passport or Driving Licence
  • 2 forms of address ID, such as a utility bill or formal letter that is addressed to you dated within the last 3 months

We will store your information from your ID and your photograph on our computer system for the purpose of your transaction (see our Data Protection Policy).

You will be given a full receipt for your items when we buy them on the 28 day buyback service. This will detail how much it will cost you to buy your items back should you wish to and an end date.

If you decide you do not want your items back, that is perfectly ok. No need to let us know just let the date pass.

If you do not buy back your item by the date on your receipt Rounds will simply sell the item.

How It Works

It Really Is That Simple To Get Cash In Minutes!

If you require any further information, please contact us or visit one of our stores. Please visit our ID Regulations page to ensure you hold the relevant documentation to complete a transaction in store